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Sarah Badger

I am a qualified and registered Occupational Therapist with many years experience working in both physical and mental health. I have experience working in Children’s and Adolescent’s Mental Health Services (CAMHS). I provide therapy to children using a range of counselling techniques including ‘play’, active listening and structured activities. I am a qualified sensory integration therapist and am therefore able to assess and provide therapy for sensory processing difficulties.

I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and have DBS clearance to enhanced level.

I am a trained facilitator in running a parenting programme for both children and teenagers. It uses emotionally intelligent parenting; the course is called ‘Tuning into Kids’. Emotional intelligence is about using your emotions to guide you through the world.

I work in schools counselling students; helping them with their emotional and mental health. I support and provide clinical supervision for teachers, teaching assistants and PFSAs. Helping to enable the school to be a more nurturing place therefore increasing their academic success. I can also provide training for staff as required.

I run clinics from my dedicated space in Long Load (near Martock) and I offer a combination of face to face and video call appointments.


The sensory assessment gave us a massive insight into what our son is going through on a daily basis and what type of support he is requiring. The sensory sessions have had a massive positive impact on his and our lives as it means we are able to help him off load some of his sensory over load or if he is under stimulated. Sarah is brilliant at her job and brings so many skills, care, knowledge and devotion to her job. But also how much help and happiness she brings my son by being able to understand and offer this.

Mother of an eight year old boy

I cannot tell you how invaluable your advice continues to be – whether in a crisis or helping us understand how our sons’ brain works differently so we can ‘catch up’ and try and respond in a way that is going to make sense to him and ensure he is feels understood and supported.

From a Mum
Who’s year 9 Son and has diagnosis of high functioning autism

Thank you Sarah. You are brilliant and I am really glad we have you as a contact! I look forward to working with you in the future.

Head Teacher

I found the session very relaxed and your approach friendly and calming. Being too serious could have made it more difficult for someone like myself.

17 Year Old Boy

My son is much more confident now thank you

Mum of an 8 Year Old Boy

You are so calm to be with…

15 Year Old Girl

Thank you for helping me.

6 Year Old Girl

I can now feel my anger coming up through my body and I don’t get so angry now.

9 Year Old Boy

Helps out my personal and school life.

9 Year Old Boy

Helped a stressed me..good person to talk too. I can say stuff and you (Sarah) don’t get annoyed with me like most people.

9 Year Old Girl

I’ve been seeing Sarah for just under a year and I have been able to feel happier due to the supportive and kind way Sarah helps me.

11 Year Old Boy

I like seeing Sarah because her ways of how to calm down are really helpful and easy to learn, also we make practical things in the session, like mind maps that I can take home with me to remind myself on how to calm down when I’m anxious.

12 Year Old Boy

Easy to talk to, not in the situation, relaxed environment, sessions are a good amount of time, interested in my hobbies.

15 Year Old Girl

If Sarah was not here, I would have a lot of trouble, I worry lots. I don’t like worrying, it annoys me and makes me feel like a grey cloud. Sarah’s helped me lots with my worrying.

8 Year Old Girl