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Child Therapy

Child Therapy is a form of therapy working individually with a child or young person drawing on my training as an occupational therapist and experience working within mental health. This means that where appropriate the sessions are based on therapeutic activities using play, specific activities and talking using active listening. It is to help the child or young person explore what is happening for them in a safe, confidential and non judgemental environment.

Please do not hesitate to call Sarah to talk through the situation confidentially and with no obligation:

These are just some examples of areas therapy can help with:

  • Depression
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Low self esteem
  • Bereavement
  • Abuse
  • ADHD (support with the diagnostic process)
  • ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder – support with the diagnostic process)
  • Divorce/ separation
  • Difficulties at school
  • Difficulties at home


The first appointment will be ensuring the child or young person is comfortable with the therapist and the therapy. Then obtaining some background information from them and their parents on what is currently difficult for them. Also there will be a conversation over confidentiality and what that means. From this a plan for future appointments can be obtained including the frequency of the sessions. Your appointment is one hour long.


The sessions are an opportunity for the child or young person to explore what is happening for them and their feelings around this. It can take the form of play, talking or specific activities designed to help the individual explore what is happening for them.
Parents are welcome to stay for the session if that is what the child or young person wants, with the aim when they are comfortable for the session to be without the parents. However the parent is always invited back to the session in the last 10-15 minutes for the child or young person to discuss what has happened in the session. There is also an opportunity for the parents to attend without the child or young person to discuss how they are feeling about the situation and any concerns they have.


The number of sessions is tailored to the individual and is reviewed on a six weekly basis.

Testimonial from a young person

“The first time I met Sarah I was 15 and rather intent on not talking about any uncomfortable topics that I had shut down deep within my mind. I first went to therapy with a tough and rather harsh understanding of mental health, but Sarah soon made me view mental illness in a new way, making me realise that I should be kinder to myself; in her words “if you were to break your leg people wouldn’t expect you to run on it so why should it be any different with your mind?”, this is just one of her many statements that has stayed with me months later and continues to make a positive impact. Minutes into my first session Sarah had my trust and developed a safe, understanding/compassionate environment where I could open up and talk through my scariest thoughts and experiences, in my own time, then leave them behind in the sessions. Along with Sarah’s help I am now able to move along life’s bumpy road a bit more smoothly, I truly believe without Sarah’s help I wouldn’t be where I am today or not even here at all! I’m very grateful for all the help Sarah has given me and continues to give me even though I do not see her regularly now. She is a genuine and kind hearted person who is amazing at her job and always gives 110%, I certainly feel very lucky to have been able to have her help me through some of the worst periods of my life and bring me through to the other side. I cannot thank her enough.”

Year 12